Rowan Tree (rowan_tree) wrote in great_scotsmen,
Rowan Tree

Harry Potter is not just for kids anymore!

Phinox14: OMG!!
Phinox14: It is classic
Phinox14: LoL
XxEarthenOnexX: ?
Phinox14: "'We're not going to use magic?' Ron ejaculated loudly." (Ch. 12 p. 242 Paragraph/Line 3)


Phinox14: Well you don;t think of it as a kids book DO you?
XxEarthenOnexX: nope
XxEarthenOnexX: but this book i had already decided was a bit too dark for lil kids
XxEarthenOnexX: much less to long
Phinox14: Well My largest compliment to the series was it's use of complex and gripping plot with a grammar and vocabulary easily on the level of a fifth grader if not simplier, give or take a few colloquial slang.
Phinox14: however such verbage and immagery purveyed by that one line of vocabulary is sasily enough to have it stricken from even a high schooler's reading list.

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